-By trusting yourself and the person you can be. Accepting you can’t always control things. By believing in the concept of becoming better. By being strong enough to face the unknown and knowing that you will come out better either ways.


-Imagine yourself as this unique beautiful colour the world has never seen before inside a box. You know you are different and this scares come outside the box. You are afraid you might have to compromise; you would have to adjust yourself to mingle and mix

What if black is more independent than you?

What if yellow is brighter than you?

What if white is more basic than you?

But. What if you’re strong enough not to be washed away by rain?

What if you’re exactly what the world lacks to solve the puzzle?

What if you can fight fire and be friends with flames?

All this could have been answered only with one thing. The courage to change.

You would just be another colourless colour if you didn’t. You were kept inside a box so that your brightness would be bright enough to burst out of it and sparkle things. You weren’t kept inside it so that you could not move and suffocate.

Colours are significant as they think they are and it would be a shame to watch original colours fade away.

‘What would others think? Won’t they laugh at the ridiculous idea of challenging black, white and yellow?’

Just remember that the most ‘They’ can do is walk with you not in your shoes. I mean what is the worst thing if you can’t fight fire? You will burn not fade. Isn’t that better always?

The thing is the choice is yours. To be washed. To be burnt. To never be noticed…to just fade away. To mix up with other colours in order to produce another color and to add more beauty to the rainbow in the world…but if you don’t choose to change all this would stay inside a box and disappear with darkness.


The main concept is to change for betterment, be better than you were yesterday and be better tomorrow than you are today…so to start all this the best time would be …NOW.