I am adorable

they say

they can’t get enough of me

so much love

so I am caged

at their door

so that everyone that passes by

can see

how beautiful i am

my silk smooth feathers

my majestic features

definitely worth showing off

definitely worth praise

i have all that i need

air conditioner,shampoo showers

except for my wings

for inside cages you dont move

You do not make much noise

You are supposed to sit there with poise

but I’m a bird after all

i crave flight

for that is the only way i travel and see..

I feel helpless sometimes

so I look down at my shadow

the only part of me outside this cage

is my darkness

that is the only way i touch



and grasses

that is the only way I touch


almost touch my self too

almost fly

they say shadow is terrible

but that is where my flight lies

that is the only way I could ย fly

be outside this golden cage

and be what I am

In my shadows