{I felt the urge to write today so erm i wrote another article hehe…no I didnt write this in 4 minutes…I think it took about 40 mins..but the same date 12th February 2014…after school and after talking about things that mattered 🙂 }

Scars are shameful, that’s what I was told…but they forgot to tell me that it will take me closer to being bold.

By ‘they’ I mean the world and the world knows a lot of things. It has always been there you see…when the world war started…. When the war was going on…when it ended it was always there so naturally by experience is good at a lot of things.

What do you do to the world that is already good at things? You listen to it.

But you know what its best at? Its best at making you feel guilty for things you didn’t do.

The world is a great place to compete, to earn, to be famous, to be successful, and to become the best…but it’s a bit challenging to be better.

I believed in the world, with everything that I had until one day that I just didn’t want to anymore.

If you don’t make sense to me I’m not going to listen to what you have to say even if you are the world and I live in you.

So this whole thing ,’ I’m not going to believe in you anymore world ‘started the day I started having a lot of scars on my body because of eczema.

According to the world I was not visually pleasing, a body with rashes, a body with a lot of flaws ..so much so that it seemed disgusting and it needed to be covered.

The world was so harsh when it said that I was ugly that for a while I actually believed it.

There were days I tried to hide my skin as much as possible, there were days I tried to just forget about it, but then I would always be reminded that I have a lot of scars when I needed to clean myself.

I was tired  of  the advices I got from people on how to cure them….I was more than frustrated with my incapability to explain what caused it and I was so totally over the ‘TSK TSK I’m sorry for you’ look.

Then for no particular reason I just decided to change and accept that scars were serene.Serenity and scars…not really something that matches right? Well for me it makes sense… my scars make me feel calm. It’s like a piece of art that reminds me that I made through when my days weren’t good.I now have the capability to go through better or worse things to come. That makes me less anxious. You know what I mean?

My scars made me handle myself better because of it now I know a bit better on what to do and what not to do.

What is more elegant than a lady who knows how to carry herself in intense situations??

Anyways I told myself that the world is great and that it should be my friend from now…that sometimes I need to listen to it and sometimes it needs to listen to me.

That’s what friends do, listen to each other and understand what the other one is going through.

As for beauty and elegance and all that needs admiration I will have my own definition. I wouldn’t listen to anyone that would describe beauty based on peripheral stuffs because that is lame. Plus these are things that can’t be defined anyways.

I have eczema and I’m proud of it, I don’t think there is anything to be ashamed of it…God made me special that way you see…he made my personality clearer with my skin.

I’m a bit delicate at times but my strength can make me go through rough situations…my skin proves exactly that..

Isn’t that just beautiful?

To be outside what you are inside…so to everyone who thinks its not good be scarred  I think it’s the best thing that can happen to you because now you have more stories that will live with you and more things to talk that will make sense to people.