( before you read this let me tell you this is not just about women for men women and everyone in between are raped.All Im trying to say is that one is more than just his/her body…so you know just get the damn point that you are more than what others see of you)

If the most you can take from me

is my flesh and body

then go ahead; rape me

Force yourself inside of me

If thats the only way you can feel heaven

Go Ahead rape me

I pity you for your closed mind

On how your desires are disrespectful

On how you think you know

But you dont

If the most you can see of me

Is how much I reveal my skin

Then go ahead rape me

I wont feel ashamed or guilty

For the person I am

For the walk I walk or the clothes I wear

Its not my problem I’m worth a stare

If the most you can see of me

is the clothes I wear

Then go ahead rape me.

Since you took already

Let me take from you too

I shall take your mind and see

How minute things can be

And try to get what its like

to be so compact and closed.

For my mind spreads

Far wider than my legs ever could

If the  closest you can get to human touch

Is by forcing yourself into me

Then go ahead demon

Rape me