Letter to my Soul Sister ( DAY 1:Letters to whom it may concern( 21-1)

Hi there my favorite smile ❤

You know that happiness inside the tummy feeling when you have really yummy momos and drink Coca-Cola and then you feel so comfortable and then suddenly need to burp because you had too much of coca cola?

You are the only person I can talk about the burp with .

You always think you are not enough and you are not that pretty and you are not good with making friends and you are practically invisible and that you are insignificant.

I do not agree with anything that you think.

You are MORE than enough for me.

You have saved me from intense situations (probably after laughing at me or something but hey you still have).You have the most sincere and heart-warming smile I have ever seen and YOU are the my DEFINITION of HOME in a place where I always feel lost.

No you are not a ninja neither are you skinny ( do not over estimate yourself)so you are not invisible.

Significance…you define it without words when you move your fingers on paper and sketch and paint and play with colours and shade and create magnificent stuffs every single time as if words are overrated

You say people find it difficult to be around you that is why it is difficult for you to make friends but you are the easiest person I have ever been with. You make me feel like it is okay being weird and that kind of COMFORT is RARE.

People have left you when you least expected them to, that has hurt you .I know but then who would want people to leave anyways? I pinkyswear I will be your friend till the end of times and by now you know I take pinkyswears seriously (I KNOW I AM 21 BUT STILL)

It is okay that they left; it was not your fault, stop blaming yourself.

You should stop doing that..like I should stop being excited about certain things and people

You are a great listener,a good cook,an organized teenager ,( with a neat wardrobe and cleans everything with Dettol EVERY week)and yes also you are Shakespeare but in the drawing world..so that makes you Da Vinci right? Wait what does that make you ( Okay maybe it just makes you yourself)

The best thing you gave me is patience…to slow down and SPEAK UP.

You let me talk as if my thoughts are important.

You are the only one Rae talks to till 4-5 am in the morning sometimes ‘life changing’ kind of talks not the ‘hey what is happening in their life’ talk.

My name’s initials are cooler because of you

Thank-you for always being the first one to listen to what I have to say and never discouraging me on whatever I have to do.

Thank-you so much for praying for me.Thank-you for buying me waffles and ice-cream when I am low.For listening to me sing and singing along.For believing in all that I think. For blowing away stress in grey.For this sisterhood. For being involved in all the Rae Experiments with Life.For enjoying Bollywood movies with me even when we both are not from India.


Thankyou for being the first one in the world who wrote down what I said and putting it up as a quote in the mirror.Thankyou for all the portrait projects…For living the BMW joke…for  being the first one in the world with I have secret jokes with,the first one who I talk about my unborn kids with…the first one I talk to in fluent Funny ACCENT who still gets it.Who gets the fact that I dance in the middle of nowhere when the song is good and that I have a thing against salespeople who do not take their jobs seriously.

You are the only one around who Rae walks around freeing them girls ( you know what I mean)

Thank-you so much for sharing the love of momos ,shahrukh khan,for Gatsby,for marley and me,for crying along in Tuesdays with moorie…for listening to all the music that I introduced to and looking at me as if I just created Rain for you after a drought. For agreeing that I am the best aloo paratha maker and momo maker in the world.For listening to shit I talk to and still listening more.

For telling me that You see me working where I want to work..for being ICE PRINCESS with me in 7/11 for falling for DRINK BACTERIA trick…for making other people feel like idiots and joining me in the process of storytelling that you are from Italy and India.

For ending the distance between skin colors.

For experimenting.For changing based on my ideas.For hugging and kissing.For giving me a hair oil massage.For bearing me on my mickey mouse pjs.For being patient on those ERMAGAD RAE moments.For going all BASHIRIA on some moments.

There are a lot more that I need to thank you on…but the most important thing that I am thankful for is that YOU let ME BE the elder sister…I always wanted a younger sister…and give her cool advices…you are the answer to my prayers of having a sister…

Also thank-you for opening all the jars and bottles in the world I cannot open and do not forget how we felt skinny in 3 days after following Jillian Michaels and gave up after 6 days if you forget that I shall hit you.

I love you

And will always( even death wont do us apart)

Sloppy kisses


Loads of love

Yours Truly