A letter to my Favorite Blessing ( DAY 3- 21 letters to whom it may concern 21-3)

Hello there my favorite blessing 🙂

 You know that feeling when you fall down and get a TINY bruise which is a BIG thing for you (when you are a kid),then your grandma comes, says her magic trick, kisses that wound and you do not feel bruised anymore?

You are the ONLY person in the world who can kiss me and heal all my wounds…my favourite fluffy blessing…my personal storyteller.

You are my most favorite hug, you have been since childhood and you shall always be.NOONE can make magical ‘black daal’ and ‘tamatar achar’ like you can,everything you do is a bit of miracle..too original to be copied you see.

Its so damn cool that you drink neat whiskey even when you are 80 plus you have never given an ef about the world so I shall carry on the legacy J

You have the most heartwarming ‘’chuppas’’ the most magical hugs that melts away all the bad things.

I know you cried the most when you found out I had to leave,I know you still cry secretly when I call every week ..I cry too but I try not to show it..but I know you know..we both have been bad at hiding things from each other have we not?

Thank-you for giving me extra everything because I am your special one..for telling me stories of your youth and how difficult it was back then..makes me respect you more.

Your snow white hair is not the only thing that is magical about you ,your warm shiny blue eyes adds to your charisma,your plump face,your wonderful wrinkles,the way you giggle like you are 2. Actually everything about you is adorable.

I still find it amazing that you are my partner in crime when it comes to stealing sugar,chocolates,ice-creams and prawn crackers.I was shocked you carried me when I was 20 and weighed 50 plus..one strong woman you are.

I  find it funny  how you LOVE indian tv series and still after watching every show you go like’these Indians need to borrow some intelligence’’ but then again you add’’ this was entertaining..wonder what we will eat for dinner’’

I love how you cannot say’’birthday’’ so when its someone’s birthday you go like’’HAPPY TO YOU!’’ and I know that is the most sincere wish you could make for someone( you bundle of joy I love you)

You are the most healing,warm,charming person that has ever lived in this world and I don’t know but I want to be just like you when I grow old..pamper my grandkids and make them powerful.

Remember on your 78th Bday,I saved up my  pocket money and gifted you your first ever birthday cake and you cried so much took me to a corner kissed me,hugged me,gave me a special wish and said thankyou because you had never cut a birthday cake before and no one had thought about it because they thought you were TOO OLD for cakes….NO you are not too old for cakes for you define sweetness and chocolates in EVERYBODY’s life so yes you deserve it..sorry I did not have money earlier so I could not buy you one..but hey J that was nice…You said you felt very special that day…but you know what? The fact that we share the same blood makes me feel more than special EVERYDAY.

My favorite pair of blue eyes you blush when I say you are beautiful,you deny it and say that I am the only one that says so because I have a big heart…but no…YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTFUL BLESSING IN MY LIFE and no its not because I have a big heart its because you are god damn beautiful but people have not appreciated you enough.

I miss you a lot…I specially missed you more when I came here first..noone goes on evening walks with me anymore..or morning walks..noone tells me to go pee first before going to bed,no one takes me grocery shopping because they need a friend..noone takes me to temples so that I can get extra blessings here.I miss you L

Remember that time I wanted to sleep on a tent and go to a summer camp after watching Kuch Kuch Hota hai and you felt bad that there was no summer camp…you still had a magical solution to that my fairy god mother.You asked the helper to set up the mosquito net in the middle of the room..you and I slept on the floor imagining the mosquito net was a tent closing off the lights with torch lights in our hand..and you told me the story of the sparrow who was friends with the snake.

You creative little piece of awesomeness!

I always had someone to visit on weekends when I was in Nepal because of you ❤

I love how no one can scold me when you are around( HA – HA –HA)

I am so sorry I lost the most expensive Quartz watch you gifted me…I was 9 and totally clumsy..I have never felt that bad for loosing something…I still have the box though..and the best part is you said its ok..I knew it was not…I love you for never making me feel bad that I am clumsy and absent minded…

Thankyou for opening my oranges,walnuts and peanuts during those lazy afternoons on winter vacations..for the mango juice you secretly bought me..for the cheeseballs and also the popsicles I was not supposed to eat hehe you spoilt me so bad.

Thankyou for making dolls with the doughs during ‘’yomari punhi’’ and while ‘’making momos’’ why else would I call you magical? You even bring food to life ❤

Thankyou for secretly letting me watch TV during exams..for praying that I would pass the exams and come FIRST hehe..for the magical ‘’usi usi’’ massagaes you gave me because my fragile bones might have been tired..for the soft careful combing of my hair and hot oil massages.

For always blessing me,for being my first ever messenger to GOD.

Remember  that time I made you cheese omlete and chicken pasta with cheese sprinkles you told me you felt so ‘’modern’’ hehe you cuteness…I felt soo cool

It is crazy how you wake up at 4 every morning and do yoga..I mean its given you are WAYYYY healthier than your 21 year old favorite person.

I looove how you always agree to take selfies with me but no one else ( ILOVE YOUUUU)

I love your magical kisses on my forehead..it makes me feel like I can do anything..I love you..and when I have money the first thing I shall buy is a matchy matchy quartz watch so that we can keep in track of time and know that no matter what we will meet again and have more selfies together…

Loads of love





Love and more love

Your favorite