Letter to my Reflection ( DAY 2-21 letters to whom it may concern) (21-2)

Hello there Reflection

You know that feeling when you are brown and you are surrounded by non -brown friends and they just do not get how you cannot JUST DO some of the things because you are brown.

You feel a bit awkward in that moment when they do not understand but you carry along anyways because adjusting is easier than explaining?

You are the only bag of awesomeness that shares that moment with me, who adjusts instead of explaining because you are no drama queen you are just that easy going.

I know you already know it is you J

You are my reflection because you show me things that I already have in such a way that it becomes a realization.

I have a thing for reflections..that is why my bestest works in my photography page is based on reflections..and you came along out of nowhere becoming my reflection…like a reality check of what I should enhance and conceal.

Thankyou .

So one day when I knew the class was going to suck I walk in anyways because I need attendance and I meet YOU!That is one of the best classes I have ever had…like in 45 minutes I already knew that you were not the USUAL  menu in the brown world,You were less spicy with more taste. J

(It is funny how I relate everything to food but just bear with me okay)

So you are like the salsa to my tortillas. I am a tortilla chip with or without salsa but the real taste of having tortilla chips comes from that special dipping J

It is true that you are a vegetarian and we cannot share certain meals together but then we always can share silence and conversations and that is the point of having meals together anyways.

Remember that time we promised THIS was going to be a HEALTHY YEAR and joined yoga for reasons unknown and then just forgot about it because LIFE happened?..

well I shall promise you something and you shall not forget that..its the RAE’S PINKYSWEAR level promise that she does not break…I shall let you be the taste enhancing dipping in my life until eternity J

I love how we are almost always on the same level and you get what writing means to me.

How you hugged me with your eyes so excited when I told you my crush has a crush on me and you were just like LETS EAT MAMA NOODLES after that (hehe you are so cute).I mean you are the only one who got so happy for me…everyone was just like oh okay cool hehe( it’s a different story now but hey).

I like the level of trust and comfort we have…like we have been there forever…like we will be there for ever.I am so grateful that you are constantly helping me with my blog ( I SUCK AT TECHNOLOGY STUFF) this is more than a miracle that I am still maintaining it ..it’s because of you and my blog manager that I am not giving up on this project.

I like how you can deal with whatever I call you haha and just know that it’s you I am calling on.I like how you know that I am super loud and quiet at the same time and you can deal with both of that.People think I am weird because of that…and you think I am just  being me..so nice girl you are bhai.

Best part is you do not make me feel awkward in any situation and you believe in chances and opportunities.

My father is one man who believes in giving chances to other people so that they have a chance of becoming better…and in my friends circle you are the first who shares the same mentality.

You are the first person I discuss ‘’brown woman issues’’ with.

You know I can be 8  at a moment and 80 another moment but you can still catch up and adjust.

You are beautiful with really amazing brown eyes and a smile that is like J J J you know heart-warming.

You have a natural mother inside of you someone who takes care of other people..like you were supposed to.

I know you have been hurt a lot by people and have been let down…but trust me with that beautiful heart of yours and strength that you have nothing is enough to pull you down from shining ..not even gravity.

You are the only person I could turn vegetarian for( a  day or a weekend ),because you make meals so interesting J

I like how you find comfort in silence and you are always ready to help.

Not everyone is like you you know.Not everyone is ready to help without expecting things in return.

I was shocked when you knew who AC/DC was..NONE of my  girlfriends knew them and think they thought I was weird…and there you were singing along loudly with me on the highway…singing HIGHWAY TO HELL hehe that was a great day btw and you are a smooth driver. J

Thanks for the Perks of Being a Wallflower moment that day..I always wanted to feel that force of wind on my face and you made me feel that J( my cheeks felt like jelly that day whuuuuusshhhh)

Thankyou for being like’’ Rae..Bro..someday google is going to send you a cake’’. ( No-one has trusted my writing so much )Thankyou for publishing my articles and poems everywhere and marketing me..thankyou for adding ghee to my aloo paratha…thankyou for making me know the difference between achar and salsa..and for sharing the same issues that I cannot discuss about with anybody else..for being my reminder that I can do things…for being the hug that melts stress away…for loving body massages as much as I do…for leo Tolstoy,batman and Maya Angelou and cupcakes..thanks for the things I cannot explain..thankyou for the trust and for the ERMAGADness you share with me…thanks also for my first ever MAKEUP PHOTOSHOOT and the ‘’rae come on don’t be shy look at the camera ‘’look J

You are the only person who seems to get it that I am very shy and very confident at the same time

Thankyou my guliyo J I do not care about my weight when I am with you because you are fatter than me… HAHAH no no I just had to write this because this was getting too cheesy and I had to write something mean…which leads me back to LETS JOIN YOGA AGAIN and become as exotic as priyanka chopra.

Loads of love and guliyoness and cupcake and ninja ness

hugs and healthy food


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