Hi there my Favorite High school memory

You know those day dreamy,rocking chair back and forth moments in boring classes in school that made us feel like ‘Oh So Cool Badasses’?

You were the daydreaming buddy,sitting right next to me  🙂

Highschool was a difficult place to be specially for people like you and me who did not have enough pocket money or liberty  to hang out at the ”oh so cool”places to hang out in kathmandu.

It was more difficult for people like you and me because we were still not over the fairytale Beauty and the beast and the entire school had the twilight saga to talk about.

For entertainment we watched Bollywood movies on weekends at home.

Govinda was God.Hero number 1,Aunty number 1 and that movie in which he has double role was more than enough to make us both roll on the floor laughing.

Cellphones were not allowed at school so we used to paper chat and improve each other’s handwriting.We had this whole notebook dedicated to paper chat,was that not fun ?( sighs…long cold sighs)

Life was so much easy and fun back then,everything seemed so controllable.

We never listened to anything that was being taught in class because either we were talking about food or giggling on our inside jokes…do you remember that song book that I created for some people I even wrote silly songs for people (oh wow so creative)

I never did my homework but you were the one getting busted.I would always be the talkative one but once you spoke you would get caught instantly ( I STILL FIND THIS HILLARIOUS) .Do you remember standing outside class for being the noise makers and still being on the top 10 students and people would be like HOW? (even we did not know haha)

Always last moment preparation for everything.

We played Name,Place,Animal ( so much fun) charades,hangman in class…I dont know how we managed to play all that but we did! and all those were so much fun than angry birds and flappy birds and what not( call me old school I hate game applications and dont have anything on my phone except charades)

I still can not figure out how food was  the most that we discussed about.( we still discuss about food most of the times)Wow our standard for entertainment is low!

Nigella Lawson and other people in travel and living were more entertaining to us than reality shows on MTV and VH1 that is why we could not hold conversations with the others without making the ‘wait what?’ face.

The crappy canteen food was yummy because of you,the ‘friday is the day for homemade food’ day rule was the awesomest rule we made.

The looking outside the window and thinking about who lived in the house on that far away hill is one of the mysteries that is still unsolved.

Talking about our crushes,excited about boyfriends,sadness after break-up,golden dragon momos,mpp stick foods,intentionally missing the bus so that we could walk back home (best memories ever)

Our school still echoes of the laughter in the corridors.

That place with so much rules and regulations..with so much of ‘rigid’ness was the place I have been the most free because of you.

Being weird was okay because of you,crying  on farewell day with curled hair and makeup still made me feel pretty because you were the most beautiful thing that happened to me.

You were not just my paperchat that made me smile,you were not just my favorite homemade lunch,you were not just home at school,you were the definition of february 14th,no not the valentines day kind but the birthday were the hansel gretel that found everything I lost and did not judge me when I bought heaps of stationery to heal my wounds..You were the one who treated me with warm doughnuts on cold winter mornings Just because you could…you were the one who put extra onions in the vegetables because I like them that way…and when he left me and I felt empty you bought me my favorite cake which said ‘You are Occupied’  ❤

still makes me cry..not the silent kind of cry that kills you but the kind of cry that makes you miss the moment you were so alive.

Best were and still are the feeling I get when I see my parents after being lost in the crowd

Thankyou for being my home

(P.S I still daydream about you rocking that school chair back and forth and thinking of what we will be in the future)

I love you