I go to a university which is supposed to be one of the most expensive private universities in Thailand.Naturally I expected to meet some free spirited rich people here..but sadly most of them here are poor slaves with tags.

By tags I mean things from Louis Voutton,Micheal Kors,Dior,Prada,Fashion TV and all those High So brands that make them so exepensive and unattainable.They have more than one smart phones just to PROVE their smartness and a tab just in case you forget how you are less smarter than them because you are one phone less.They got Lamborghini,Porsche,Audi making the inside University roads look like car show parade or something.They do not consider anything less than Starbucks as coffee and are seen around munching on tasteless macaroons (exclusively from France JE T’AIME).

Sadly this is not the idea of rich I have in my head ( that is why I am an awkward person because I can not see things normally).For me rich is not just someone who can buy but someone who has a lot of priceless things to offer like maybe love and free hugs and smile on a ย bad day.

I am not against brands and expensive things,don’t get me wrong I actually love pampering myself now and then but I seriously do not get the concept of ‘ I feel rich because I own (insert a brand name) ‘.

COME ON! You ย do not own the brand sweetheart the brand owns you!

Sure you are capable enough to buy it but are you capable enough to stand powerful without it?

Would you stand as anything or anyone when I deduct the things you own ( which is basically things you bought because of your parents money )????



Be proud of the things you have,show off and celebrate life.. be nice to things you own..I dont mind ย go ahead put on that hashtag and show off what you own on all those social media website….but the next time you do so.. as yourself..WHO OWNS WHO?