3.30 hrs

3.30 hours

was all the time travelling I had to do

To become wiser

3.30 hours

was all the distance I had to travel

to become the driver

Driver of my own life’s car

the ability to see art in scars

all that happened in 3.30 hours

maybe I shall wake up now and take a shower

Maybe this is a dream

or maybe not

Because if it was sleeping I was doing all this time

I would not feel this real

3.30 hours

was all the time I needed

to understand

That as a human I would need hands

not just mine but other people’s too

To understand what the world goes through

To understand the words you need to know the language

To understand men you need to listen

and all those years seemed so insignificant

for I had not been as nervous

as alive

as scared

as lost

as I was

in the 3.30 hours