day 14 (21 letters to whom it may concern 21-14)

Dear future


I am dying to see you(literally).

I think its only you that people want to see,I have never seen anyone else wait so eagerly for anything else but you.

It is like you are the most scary but favorite thing to talk about to everyone.

Seems like you are like infinity away and when you come as a present I pass by you like I don’t see you and then I wait for you to come again.

I know such an idiot I miss you so much that I don’t see you when you are here because I am still day dreaming about you.

You are always so mysterious,so you know when you arrive I expect you to be a BOOM! I AM HERE! kinda thing but when you arrive like any other day,like you were not a  HEEEYYYYYY but a simple hi.

I am so scared of you at the moment,I think death is not as scary as you at the moment(pinkyswear)

I dont know what I am going to be.

I dont know if Im going to get an internship.

If I am going to graduate any time soon with good enough grades.

if I am going to have a toned body.

Am  I going to have a boyfreind?

If I am going to make it.

If I am going to have healthy babies.

if my dogs will be the nice trained type or if they will just poop and pee everywhere.

If I will have a swan lake.

If I will have a perfect wedding dress.

If he will agree to come in a horse driven carriage…   (sighs)..such a long list


Damn there are so many things to be worried about.


See  being curious about you is like creating a ‘to worry about ‘list.

So honey I am just going to wait for you.

While I wait I shall enjoy the now as well.I am not used to waiting for people in the balcony,looking over horizons and stuff because that is not going to bring them closer to me faster.

You are not going to arrive faster if I am more anxious so I shall just chill and sip on my lemonade and write a bit more.

May be I shall work more on my now so that when you arrive I wont be so surprised because after all you are like the season you shall always arrive on time.

Till I see you



(P.S do not tell me I shall be bald after Im 30)