DAY 15 ( 21 letters to whom it may concern 21-15)


I know I should not be writing to you because this is lame, but sometimes that is just how I am.

Sometimes I do things I am not supposed to do,knowing I should not do them.It does not seem wrong though

You live in the future,I am alive now but when time and distance shall get fed up with  playing the ‘just right’ and ‘just in time’ game we shall be together. 🙂  (can’t wait)

A lot of people have asked me what I would want in you,honestly I don’t know….because I am the kind of person who knows what she does not want.

I am not the clear and focused one..I am the daydreamer who doodles and gets in trouble in class.

But anyways this is about  you

Today is basically about you 🙂

I want you to be my home.

You should be the mini celebration cupcakes for no apparent reason,you should be the share of bag of chips in the couch when we watch movies,you should be the first good morning and last good night ,you should just be there,you should not feel burdened because of my presence,you should not be OBLIGED to do things,you should be my hug on happy days,on sad days,on average days,you should be the first phone call for any kind of news I have,because you are just that first..that one…actually the only word that defines half completely.

No this does not mean you should be with me 24/7,you shall travel all you want,experiment ,explore and be adventurous. you should have all the time you want for yourself,to make a name of your own,to make a differnce leave a mark… can stay away…to work and learn…I shall do the same…

but what do humans do after all this?

they come home…they have a different life outside home and it is okay that does not mean they should always be home in order to prove their appreciation and love for it

I understand this pretty well,that no matter where you go in the world Venice or Italy ,Grand Sheraton or Hilton the most comfortable place on earth will always be home…I want you to be that…irreplaceable…important…effortless..home.

Home is a  place where people are themselves.( just saying)

Home is where people will get close,and do not mind the fact that they are in pjs.

You know how from far away everything looks perfect,but the closer you get you get clearer views of flaws.

I shall be open about my flaws so that if you do not want to get close,I understand.

You know how stars are so beautiful,from faraway,brightening up nights,shining and filling humans and others with awe..but the closer you get you just realise they are balls of fire…so much heat…so much fire…one gets confused if its passion,hatred or pain that is making them burn …

Good I’m not a star…and I  am pretty simple and forward as well so all I am is a normal person who believes in simplicity

I know you grew up in a different environment so I do not see the need for you to understand everything I say,and this means I won’t understand few things about you either…but I will accept you anyways. 🙂 because I know I don’t know everything sometimes I don’t know anything…just be patient with me because sometimes I am a bit slow.

It is okay,I will let you be my boyish part,meaning I would not expect you to understand my love for balloons and purple unicorns with wings and dresses ,perfumes and books.

But you still might have to buy some of them…because erm I kinda am not good with money management.

Sometimes I am listening to AC/DC,sometimes I  am listening to Ludovico Einaudi,sometimes to Ingrid Michealson and sometimes to Mohammad Rafi…sometimes noone makes more sense to me than Nepathya and sometimes I need Eric Clapton…my taste in music is very please do not judge me or limit me based on genres…I might be head banging to Iron Maiden today in the morning and then be sobbing my heart out listening to Adele in the evening…that is just me…


You are crazy enough to let me in your home..I will be wise enough to stay and make it my own :).

Maybe we can plant purple and white lilies a bit of tulips and maybe have carpet grass that needs to be trimmed quite often.but lets see what happens.

You don’t have to be my everything and everyone,and no you do not need to be pressured to join your line with need to join it..we can be parallel..that way we can be together and independent..even if we part ways(which I hope never happens) we shall still do what we have to do..and not forget that even without each other we shall do what we have to do..that the dot that started the line was always amongst us and not because of the other one.

Sometimes when your head feels like a rock because of all the pressure you have to deal with important things I shall be the paper to wrap you up and hide you and if your shoulders feel like crumpled papers because of too much load I shall be the scissors to cut and straighten it.

Communication and Coordination should be the 2cs  that rule our world.

I am not the kind of girl who expects much because I like the feeling of surprise but one expectation from you shall always be there…the expectation of truth…no matter how difficult it matter how uncomfortable it is…I believe I deserve the truth…so please do not change what I beleive…this has come after a lot of fragile feelings.. 🙂

Soo yeah…thankyou for being with me..I can’t wait to see you.