In case the world

changes its mind

tell them I love

neat whiskey shots

not even on the rocks

why can’t a girl drink

something other than


tell them I

do not know

how to paint my nails

that I do not believe

my dresses prove my ‘decency’

and I do not know

how to tie my hair in a perfect bun

I know

I am 21

and I do not give a fuck

that I do not know how to use

a concealer

actually do not even have one

but hey you are more than a billion

and you still do not know

how to paint  dark corners


corners are not the ends

it is from a woman’s corner

that you began

tell them

I  said

I can take care

of myself


I love others


don’t you dare

raise your brows

I do not know why

this does not make sense

to them


yeah they better get this

in your head

that love

is more

when you multiply

and even more when you divide

I know I suck at maths

but this is the rule

so do not tell me I do not know

how to calculate life

For world you have not comprehended it yet

Tell them I do not have

smooth milky skin

but I have scars

that make me feel clean

I know they are supposed to make me feel the dirt

but they have made me what I am worth

so excuse me while I ignore

all that the world has to say

actually my friend

it’s okay

don’t tell the world anything


the’ incase’ mentioned above

has not happened yet.

i enjoyed

being inside

at a point

but not anymore

I refuse to be a silhouette

and I will say all of this

to the world myself

but not yet