DAY 17 (21 letters to whom it may concern 21-17)

Hi MotherIndia

Bollywood drama with feet who is a painter but is stuck in engineering major.

I know you are going to kill me for the photo but I know you love me enough to melt after I give you a lot of kisses and hugs after all you are the first person with whom I am doing the ‘BUIN-ess’

I just wrote to you in order to remind you that you are this beautiful ,creative .talented person whose life can be converted into a movie: into an epic drama filled movie which will beat Dharma productions records any damn time.


jokes aside..for real,you are a very beautiful person,sometimes you do things I do not understand but then it is ok I know you do it out of love.

The thing is bhai you are going to be this successful person who is going to inspire a LOT of people who are like me,who need reminders that to be extra ordinary all you have to do is celebrate being ordinary.

I love you for how you smile even when you have a lot on your plate…you are the best example of exception ,I mean you being 49 kgs have carried the entire world’s weight on your shoulders.. ( do not be this nice babu ).You should also start living for yourself.

You taught me how to just not give an ef in intense situations,to hug people,to enjoy being patient while mehendi is being put in my hands(BTW YOU ARE BRILLIANT WITH MEHENDI DESIGNS),you made me the MAN Β and danced in sheila ki jawani ( IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN),you saved me in awkward moments and for all the YOU CAN DO IT moments

Basically the whole 21 letter project thingie is supposed to be sent to anonymous people but then no man you are an exception even here…the world needs to know how amazingly beautiful this 49 kgs brown beauty is.

I know you are gona be bigger than P _ _ _M_N hehe Β (I know you just went HAI RAM) at this hehe I love you bhai( your facial expression)

Thankyou for always being there for me,thankyou for keeping me in mind and your heart when I was lost.Thankyou for my first ever nail art,thankyou for ‘How to be beautiful tips’

Thankyou for DHOOM 3 ,thankyou for listening to me all the time I was in Nepal,for the SURPRISE BALLOONS on 27th December ( SOOOO CUTE) for making your home my vacation home hehe for accepting me as family,for making your mother my princess and your sister your own sautan because now I love her too HEHAHAHAHA.

Good times are coming shishter πŸ™‚

We are so totally gona graduate together and show how awesome we really are,also thanks for introducing me to superwoman and being my first model when I got my camera ( you looked fab in all those portraits) thankyou for the random tiffins from home πŸ™‚ for almost making me like Paneer ( I can’t believe I just wrote that), for complimenting on my aloo paratha skills,for being my pole dancer,for being my jawan dewani hahahaha !!


lets make a team and rule all that we need to rule

I know your reaction is cute now do not cry you simple woman



very much


(raeeshaaa kyun yaaar I KNOW hehe)