let’s play a game

let us pretend

of things that happened

and of things that did not

that maybe

we never shared what we did last night

that we are strangers

that you never tried to touch me

that you were brave enough to do it

when I was awake

that I was brave enough to stand up

for myself

let us pretend

that nothing happened last night

so this morning

in this random coffee shop

you sip on that coffee

munch on the stale cookies

I will sip on my green tea

and pretend to read this magazine

and we continue to pretend…

Let me  pretend

your lips did not leave a mark

that  you did not whisper

and beg me to let you in..

let us pretend

rubber was the only barrier

that stopped the connection

let us pretend

you did not do what you did to me

because that is what grown ups do


that nothing happened

when inside all that happened

has already killed them

that is what mature people do

pretend they are alive