Dear Birthday (burday)  Bwoiiiiiiii /bwaaaaiiiiii


HAPPYY BIRTHDAAAYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you very much and I am sooo happy that FINALLY now you are in your legal age and you can do all that you were doing before today LEGALLY hehe.

First of all Prince of Punjab,thankyou for being this hilarious dirty minded bhai of mine who always does things to make things better for me.I feel sooo blessed to have you in my life.

You define Happiness in Bangkok for me,you also define good food,amazing movie choices,amazing choices on the menu,long drives,honey singh songs,”ek aur munda margaya brahmpton de vich” video (which I still have not watched).

You are one of the most chilled people I have ever met in my entire life..I wil always be thankful for one question that you asked me when I was panicking my ass off during the preparation of Statistics II exams,”Will this matter to you 5 years from now?”

Thankyou for being my ‘fake’ boyfriend to save me from creepy men,thankyou for saving me when situations got intense.I am so sorry you got into trouble because of me quiet a few times but hey I know you love me too baby :).

Things did not change between us even after the holidays and we played antakshari over facebook voice messages (ONLY YOU CAN DO THAT) I am so happy that I am freinds with one of the coolest sardars of the world,who is cool enough to carry off the class of a BMW classic car..(thankyou for letting me drive it almost bump it when you knew I did not know how to drive you awesome sauce trusting me with everything and what not)

Things we have done together always bring a smile to my face,I will never forget the first movie we watched..a terrible choice because it was man of steel I hated it and dreaded every moment of the movie..the only thing that saved the movie was the popcorn and the super comfy leather sofa haha( do not hate me for writing this publicly) but yeah man of steel sucked BIIIGGG TIMMEE for me I just tolerated that movie in the theatre for you bro!

Watching The Conjuring with you was probably one of the best decisions of my life I would redo it again if given a chance haha it was so fun reacting and watching your reaction.Thanks for flipped and that manager wala series I do not even remember the name but you know the Gupta one .

Thankyou for Alfred my very own butler minion,for the super cool Audrey’s date,for long drives for no reason when I was panicking,for the long phone calls to calm me down,for the love and the hugs and agreeing to take all the forced selfies haha.

I will never forget how shocked you were at desi beats,and how proud you were when I told you about the Book Contract,I still have your BMW watch I have kept it safe and will give it to you when I see you next.Thankyou for being such a sweetheart for opening up

For bitching about people I do not like with me,for being my support when I needed a backbone,For giggling with me in class and for UNDERSTANDING my needs(Oh god Carl’s junior Milkshake double at the same time while watching Despicable Me 2 haha  and you being like wait where does all the fat go in your body????)for getting in trouble in class by talking too much in the first bench and YET making noise with me in the next class…already knowing how EXPRESSIVE I get during the movies and yet taking me for more movies (aaawww cheek pull babu such a sweetheart)

Thankyou for being who you are,for being simple and being grounded…for knowing what is right and wrong..for not being too shy around me…for having a dirty mind that has changed some words forever…for reading my blog even when you are not into reading (which reminds me have you read perks of being a wallflower yet?)

I know you are going to make your parents proud,and you are a smart kid okay..somebody who studies so last moment and still gets a C is BRILLIANT actually 🙂

Just make sure you remain the same,Thankyou for being such a cool freind,for making me listen to all the UP BEAT music when I was low and listening to me sing and almost dance in your car haha

Thankyou so much for all the cool lunch dates and all those conversations,I almost made you healthy (almost).

I am proud of your progress and will watch the Imran Khan and Kareena Kapoor movies when I get the time to.

Thankyou so much for being someone who does not care much about the past and is always about ‘you okay?’

Thankyou for fixing my phone I mean I know I am technologically disabled ,thankyou for being so patient.

I wish you nothing but happiness,I wish you nothing but betterment and I hope that the warmth inside you spreads all over and shows how much of a cool person you really are

Thankyou for the Englisss lessons and for not minding about the Foul Nepali language..for picking up Nepali as if you were born Nepali and for the Explainations of what Punjabi curses mean.Thankyou for pampering me so much

It is time to wake up and smell the coffee Ammu 🙂 You are an Adult now


Loads of love

cheek pull

Beard messing





P.S-You still have to buy me the purple unicorn which is fluffy or else I curse you become a crow next life