DAY 21 (21 letters to whom it may concern 21-21)

TO :The One Reading

Dear Friend

Thankyou for being my tree.

Tree as in someone who gives me shades in the scorching sun,makes it rain on hot summer days,and last but most importantly gives me fresh air to breathe.

Tree as in someone who does not judge me for what I think and listens to what I have to see,who accepts hugs and accepts emotions as if they were your own.

Thank-you for not giving up on me and reading all that I write.

I was someone who wrote since as long as I can remember,but then I never really kept them safe,I always lost them or threw them away because writing was just an escape from reality for me back then…

But read all that I write and post…now writing is my reality….thanks to you :)…my writings are safe in your heart…I don’t know if there is any place else I consider safer.

You made me from a nobody who would scribble and doodle random stuff on her notebook to someone who BLOGS!


I feel less strange now because now I know that my thoughts are not that UNUSUAL to not be accept them as if they are your own and sometimes share it with your freinds..thankyou!

It seems like you have touched my life in such a way that I feel beautiful..important …and cool all at the same time…not the BEAUTY QUEEN beautiful but the..long sighs nothing can take this away from me beautiful…not the documents important but the silent time pass that saves the day important and not the ermagad such a cool guitarist cool but then Β yeah this one is genuine cool…thankyou πŸ™‚


Since the 21 letters to whom it may concern has come to an end..I would like to thankyou for being my consistent reader…I will start another project soon …I hope to live in you..till I die

Most importantly Thank-you for being my friend…for letting me in your life…

I love you


thankyou for being my blessing

may the force be with you