#Lesson 8 :Never feel guilty after failing

At 6th grade the best way to be a ”Better” human being and to be  be ”Good” all I thought I had to do was hand in my homework and get good grades.To follow the instructions the teacher gave me and to have a smile on report card days.

Things changed after 6th Grade.

I failed in my Social Studies examination (Mid-term) I think I was ill before the exams  so I could not prepare well for it I don’t exactly remember how I failed but that is not important..the thing is I failed because of 3 -4 points and I knew if I had just answered 1 more question I would have passed….

I felt so guilty,like I was the worst person alive,like maybe I murdered someone,like maybe I was this irresponsible kid who brought shame to her parents. I was crying my lungs out locked up in my room…refusing to eat anything because I FAILED in Life ( that is what I thought)

Then my father knocked on the door,(Since he is my favorite person I thought it was okay to let him in).

”What is wrong little one?”,This man with the kindest eyes,whom I respect more than I respect God.

I was sobbing so I could not answer.

Then I managed to say I failed in social studies whilst I was crying.

He started laughing.

I was shocked so I just stopped crying and stared at him.

”It is okay,it was just an exam! You silly little girl crying over something like that…aren’t your tears more precious?”

”But daddy! I failed the exam? Are you not ashamed of me?”

He laughed more and said,”I failed the first attempt in my high school exam .Do you still love me after knowing this?’

I hugged him because I understood the answer in the question (I do not know if people get such cool questions thrown at them but yeah I just happen to be lucky sometimes)

”Life is so much more than your exams,you do not have to feel guilty that you failed.I am happy that you tried.It is okay to fail.You feeling guilty that you failed means you not learning from your mistakes now would that not be sad to not learn?”


This man is my God,I have never known anyone so sincere in giving.He gives chances to people as if it is free.

This man is the reason I wake up every day and try to be a better version of myself.

I am blessed that he is my father,that he does not give me anything but truth no matter how inconvenient it is.I hope someday I will be capable of reciprocating what he does for me