#Lesson 12 : Destiny is for losers (and so is Fortune Telling)

Let me tell you one thing that is going to happen in your future for SURE

(if this does not happen may my dream of publishing a book never come true.)

The one thing you are going to be in the future is…DEAD.

I know people do not like the whole Idea of dying and leaving behind their favorite food,things etc.

They are always looking for ways to ”secure” their future by being anxious in the present,going to ”fortune”tellers,tarot card readers,planning and being chained by plans and what not.

Trust me at 21 I don’t know how I am so sure about this (when I am not sure about 90% things in my life) but all of this is nothing less than Lame.

I do not believe what I am as a person is dependent on the movement of the stars and planets

.I don’t even listen to people how will cards tell me what to do with my life?

There is no need to control life this does not mean you are not leading your life…this means you are living it with full acceptance …is that not gorgeous?

Security is a lie people want to live with so that they feel safe.

People with the highest securities are the most vulnerable ones.

So after telling you the utmost truth that I know that you are going to die instead of dying everyday I think you should do things that a warrior would do…live every moment..win over things and people who are going to continue after you instead of leaving behind things and people leave behind a piece of your beautiful soul..a bit of your smile,love ,hugs,kisses..opinions..making the world a bit less unsafe.

I don’t exactly think Humans are the ”superior” beings for they instead of leaving the world be ”customize” everything unlike other creatures and try to control everything.

The thing is we are being fooled we can’t control anything all we can do is celebrate and create and not complain

To create yourself if you wait for permission of the planets and other people who claim to know more about you than you do then darling is that not sadness?

Don’t you dare look for excuses why your present is the way it is and how the past was the way it was because  of ‘Destiny’.

The future is better at falling apart than you are but then one secret people forgot to tell you is that the ONLY person who would make it with you,is the person you are now.

Sweetheart, the future is not your enemy it is your friend but if you don’t love yourself now you are going to be with a person you does not adore in later.

Be friends with your being now in order to be accepted by the future tomorrow with open arms and remember destiny is for losers.