#lesson number 15:Learn the art of un-learning

If I lived by all the things I learnt I would probably be stored in a box or be a fake smile in someone else’s wall.

I would probably not feel the pleasure of being loved and try to build my home in the ‘Likes’ I got.

I would probably go to places not to see but to show.

I would write to live in your head not to express what I know.

But one day when I was arguing with my lecturer based on how lame the chapter was  because it was exactly opposite of what we had learnt in the previous class he told me to calm down and learn the art of unlearning.

”Humans are not rational no matter how smart they think they are,if you do not un-learn  and re -learn things you will remain stupid…  there is no point of being able to learn because at some point or the other whatever you learnt yesterday will be a lie tomorrow…and if this is not the case you  live your entire life as a lie…truth changes with time darling …”

It was difficult for a 17 year old to understand what he said so I just said I would believe him if that line became my reality but until then I would not forget what I learnt just because I got hit with a new idea .

He laughed and said ,”Kid I like how you won’t change your opinion until you understand things….keep this kid in you alive..you will go places..”

I know now what he meant…and I am glad it is not too late…because if it was…I would be someone ..almost alive inside a box suffocating and assuming that is how living things breathed….(btw breathed sounds word but its actually the past tense of breath I googled)