#Lesson 17 : Don’t talk about things you have not done

‘What are you doing writing man? You are a business student! Focus on your studies first!”

” Excuse me?I am finishing a 4 years course in 3.5 years I think I have taken my course pretty seriously..’

”You don’t write outstandingly anyways…its a waste of time trust me it’s just writing come on anyone can do that. I mean I write better than you bro! Stop writing and ‘being busy’ come out and hang with us more.”

”So maybe I should learn from you…show me some of of the things you wrote”

I used to write in school I am lazy to write now..I am just lazy but I know I am better than you I know for sure.”

”Well In my head I run my country better than the current president…but I have not done it so it would not be mere stupidity if I just say that I can do it better than him when I have done nothing at all…Don’t you think?”

”Bro calm down..I am just telling you to have more fun and this is crap anyways It can’t be published in magazines or newspapers and who is going to fund you?”

‘Well something will come up for sure I know.”

”Good luck with that..but I still write better than you.”

”Well I do everything you do better than you but you know what I just don’t do them because I am lazy.”

(What the hell expression on his face and a note to self not to talk about  being better at things I have never done  thankyou for this lesson.)

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