#Lesson 18 :Restore your faith in humanity with the help of small things

”If I die,you can have my earphones.”she said,followed by a long sigh and rolling of her eyes.

My 18 years old Baby faced black roommate ”gets” all my jokes and yet thinks she is insignificant.Highly Insignificant.

I think the only  two things she actually fails at is realising how helpful she is and how comfortable she makes people feel.She has helped me get through things I would never have wanted to go through alone.She has been my real friend and a sister I never had.She has helped me sleep well when I had nightmares and made me feel beautiful by listening to me.But still she thinks she is insignificant..I don’t blame her I blame society that defines beauty in terms of shapes ,sizes and statistics.

I think  she is beautiful,innocent and extravagant at the same time….not people can be  that can they?

Now why did that line matter to me so much? earphones? seriously?

In the past ten months,this ordinary looking teenager has not got herself anything expensive.She is always compromising with everything in she can in order to make other people feel comfortable.She would think twice before buying herself a dress but did not care how expensive the tiara cake was for my 21st birthday.This lady tries to justify herself to her parents about all expenses she has made.

And there she was …saying I could have her earphones if she died.Not that she was affected by grave disease she just said it randomly.She  changed the way I looked at her forever.She had waited for the earphones for so long,bought it after saving up…but she would not mind me having it.

This 18 year old would wish I was comfortable even after she is dead

.How many of us would want to do this to people we  love but have leave behind?