Almost Happy

You know that feeling when everything goes according to your plan and even the odds work for you instead of against you?

Me neither!

I blame my government and TV for this.

No seriously.

No matter what the problem is you can just blame your government for whatever you are not capable of.This is one of the perks of being an adult I guess.Atleast there is always someone to blame least..

I blame the TV for helping me keep my standard of reality ( no matter how unrealistic the expectation) really high and then the government for not being able to fulfill any.

For instance since the government of my country was not stable it did not exactly invest much in the infrastructures of educational institutes.To be honest I don’t know what it invested in because the roads were less like roads and more like adventures  rock climbing with your vehicle on a bit ground level (does this make sense? well the roads in my country don’t either)elecricity 24/7 was a luxury.I don’t even remember when was the last time  I was not adjusting my life according to the loadshedding schedule.

To change my country I needed energy and it seemed that was the only thing I lacked…because it did not give me enough to not be lazy.

It felt like I was not the only one lazy,because if the others were active would my country be different?

So it was ”normal” to be laid back and not know where you were going with your life.The adults I knew seemed to mind more of other people’s business than their own.(Making me never want to grow up)The things they considered successful and settled  did not make sense to me at all.

For instance your son was doing well if he was in America (regardless of what he studies and what he does for a living) and your daughter was doing well if she married early regardless of her career choices if she is married..she is SETTLED for life.

It felt like I would never make it as an adult and would be the immature aunty who would buy junk food for the nephews/nieces disregarding the amount of fructose and oil that is present inside those packets just because she liked to enjoy that kind of junk food her self..

seriously man I should get my life together..being an adult is a lot of responsibility..You even have to think about the food you put in your mouth….sighs…difficult choices