This was one random book I bought for myself and I do not regret reading this at all.I highly recommend this.

1.James Lowe once said that a dog was not necessarily a dog.It was only a name,in the same way that hat was a name or chest freezer.Maybe ,he said ,a dog was really a hat.

”I am only saying hat and dog that someone has chosen.And if they are only words someone has chosen,it stands to reason they may have got the wrong ones.Also maybe dogs are not dogs.Maybe they are different.Just because we have given them all one name does not mean dogs are actually dogs.”

”But they are not hats and they are not freezers either.”

”You have to think bigger than what you know.”

2.It was like looking inside another person’s window and seeing life from a different perspective.

3.We were not supposed to know the truth.

4.Nothing happened by itself

5.Clever books only have words.

6.She snapped into being a mother again,like an umbrella shooting into the right shape.

7.A label suggested there was one correct name for each thing and no room for mistakes.

8.Everything in the garden had a place,nothing hurt the eye.

9.Twenty one is safe.

10.No-one would know what he must go through when he was alone