My Mind In a Mug

On a monday morning

A Moron I believed in

stated I was not ”much”

The moment that person left

I made up my mind

that Never again would a man tell me

I was not ”much”

Never again would I misplace myself

I would focus on the one in the mirror

With music as my savior

and madness as my guide

I set high mountains and climbed it

so people would not reach me

The monster of ”more”

attacked me finally

More mascara to save my face

More muscles to save my body

More money to buy me shoes

More Mcdonalds to feed my guilt

Little did I realise

That I was becoming less of myself..

Masks do not keep you safe

Masks help you fake it

What a magnificent mask!

Buried under makeup and medals that shone

Miraculous I tell you

Then again

One fine monday morning

I saw someone mourning my death

She missed me she said

she could not see me anymore

when I looked into the mirror

I did not see me too

To stop this mess

I threw off the mask

and decided

 that my memoir

would be used a message

to  remind anyone in the ”making”

that all the margins that are drawn

are drawn on their mind

that if someone like me could

 outshine the monsters of more

so could anybody

after all the magic was