My favorite Parts from Perfect Part 3 I guess?

1.She breaks into a laugh,as if she has j ust seen something happy.

2.He has missed it in the way he imagines other people miss family.

3.It was an accident.I forgive you.We must forgive.

4.It is the question he most wants to answer.It carries everything she wants to know.

5.They were not on her skin,but all the same it was like watching him touch a part of her and it was hard to tell if he was tickling or hurting.

 6.He hopes,he prays,she has understood.

7.He felt he was bringing her luck without either of them having to say it.

8.It occurs to him how much he would like to have that in his life,her laughter,her other way of seeing things,and he wonders if that is what people look for in a partner or a freind;the part of themselves that is missing.

9.It is indeed a small thing that Eileen likes frost over snow but it is these he realises these smallnesses which make up the big ones.Besides,the big things in life do not present themselves as such.They come in the quiet ordinary moments-a phone call,a letter-they come when we are not looking without clues,without warning and that is why they floor us.

10.we have to think about my future…the college is not the best place for my future