#Lesson 29 : Don’t make it a big deal

If you are looking for an atlas with feet who can laugh at you (or sometimes with you) kindly contact my serbian best friend…seriously that guy can pass being a living atlas anytime..!

Every time I see him, I get a bit of direction of where I should be

This guy who has seen much more than he should have makes me feel nothing is impossible.

You know how he told me he had cancer?

We were just talking and he said ,”You know what this zit on my cheeks which I had surgery on several times because it was making me look ugly was actually cancer!”

I was dumbfounded and looked at him as if I was seeing his ghost and not him..

Cancer !!!!!!!!!!! I do not know how many tragic love stories or whatever inspirational stories are written on this,everyone freaks out on the mention of it! and this guy is talking about it so casually…as if  this was another girl who dumped her for being too ”farang”

Maybe he noticed how I was looking at him…

Then he looks at me and says,”But babe I have fought it off already I am not dying…come on its normal..lets not make a big deal out of this…”

Like it was so normal to get cancer and also fight it and then no you are not supposed to act as if it is something big…you just take the conversation lightly…because that is how Milo rolls…take it easy and chill

Milo is  the most hardworking person I know,is always optimistic and drinks tea from a ”GO BANANAS” cup every morning and he just fought cancer and does not think it is a big deal….totally not a big deal at all.I mean its like killing a cockroach except its not a cockroach that you can just spray and kill its fucking cancer!IT KILLS YOU INSTEAD!

But whatever it is this guy’s attitude has taught me a lot of things!

He is the one who taught me to never be a victim…neither by choice or circumstance.

I think I should start this entire project on what this man has taught me but then that is  going to be another semester…I am pretty occupied these days …but anyways so this guy…he is this energy  ball who refuses to be anything less than a disciplined man .

The main thing this guy taught me is to keep dreaming…starry eyed…regardless of what is happening…to never let go of the vision..and believe with all the warm fuzzy feeling in your heart that you are one day going to make it…that being ordinary is the best thing that could ever happen to you because you would never have to give credit to luck or anything else..you would totally be self made!

To keep calm in any kind of situation and believe in yourself so damn hard that other people start believing in you too.

Thank You Milosh….even if I do not do salsa with you anymore (sorry its the busy schedule) I still love you and think you are the best serbian in the entire planet…and I would never ever ever forget to keep it cool and think in a chilled way because I have you in my life



(the photo because this had the bestest comment  I love you though bro ❤