#Lesson 30:Just because You are angry does not mean it gives you the right to be mean

I know that rage that gets inside of you when you lose control over your temper..but what has it got to do with those who have nothing to do with it?

There are very few people who know your flaws and still think you are fabulous..very few…so few that you will not run out of fingers when you count them…and there you are being furious at them because you can….SHAME ON YOU!

Seriously this is the ultimate moment when you should be guilty for the things you do to people because they love you and will not stop…this is the moment you just stand up and wave a white flag surrendering to your own stupidity….

what gives you the right to shout at your wife because you had a bad day at work?

No seriously WHAT gives YOU the right?

that woman is excited to see you after 6 hours and is almost wagging her invisible tail like a dog because she saw you…do you see the way she lights up when she sees you?

of course not you dumbfuck you just see the darkness of the things you could not do and to feel superior you go around showing How aggressive you can be and how this shows your capability.

Well that is pathetic ..to TRY to show you are superior by trying to control things and people around you…nothing can be lamer than that like NOTHING…even justin beiber songs make sense in front of you…if you are that amazing why don’t you for once let things go out of hand and see how many people listen to you and take you seriously?

Fear and respect are not the same things….I hope someday you realise that and the next time you try to be important by ”punishing” someone….I hope you meet someone just like yourself and see how useless you are..I would have called you shit but you know what you are not even worthy of that!

at least shit can be used as fertilizer I can’t do anything with you except for flush you down sewage…

congratulations on being the worst man alive

I highly doubt if I will meet anyone like you

but I seriously hope..you meet someone like you…in the worst time of your life and see what you are doing to the amazing people in your life…