Things I understood when I sat next to you

I thought

you would be

my river


you would make me flow

and help me reach the sea


you would help me grow


you made me understand

that I would never need

anyone else to become myself

growth comes from experience

not necessarily humans

my brain

was tiny to comprehend


I can do it

without anyone being my river

a river does not make a drop

but drops do make rivers..

You are my lake




reflecting me with clarity

and truth

showing me the way I am

without modification

my lake…

there for me when I need myself

when I need you

making me understand

that sometimes

its not kissing

the sea or reaching it that matters

it is understanding

that all I am is a drop


but with you

I seem like a significant little drop

that would matter

that would change the peace of lake

and create waves

I won’t tell anybody this

I promise

because if they know

They will take away

my lake