#Lesson 32: A broken heart is the way to an open heart

It takes a lot of time to heal,and even if you heal the scars will be left behind.

Sometimes something as common as traffic jam with the song you listened because of him will kill you a bit and make you question why what happened had happened…..but after a while you will realize that even darkness is a gift for people who are meant to shine.

It is not easy to give  someone the liberty to break your heart .It is a brave move maybe it may seem silly to some but I have not seen any act more courageous than trusting someone with all your heart.

The thing is people who leave are lessons that are not to be forgotten not luggage that are supposed to carried around.Lessons are supposed to be kept in mind not in heart.

It is completely fine for them to leave..it’s not your fault.You are always enough will always be.Thank that person for the broken but open heart that is now capable of much more than what you thought it was before.

Never in your life should you wish cruel things upon people who have been mean to you..this would not make you different than them.The only thing that makes you stand out is how you had the chance to say all that the person said but did not because you know words leave wounds that can’t be seen but bleeds the most.

I am proud of you for not defending yourself and accepting the things you did wrong.For letting go of the people who weighed you down.Your freind circle maybe smaller now but man have I never seen such quality people who represent all the good things in the world by just being next to you in a room.

Be proud of the broken heart that you have for now it is open and the shattered peices have multiplied your ability to love and trust rather than divide.