Floral Printed Dress and Mismatched socks

I am here early

Of course I would be

This is the only chance I get to cover the distance between you and me

My perfume smells great

My winged eyeliner seems fine

I hope with all my heart

that you are here on time

I see fishes flying in the sky

That’s how much sense I make

When I am being the most impatient woman in the world

Hoping you won’t be late

and like most of the time ‘But Not ”ALWAYS”

you could not make it on time

and while I look at my watch I wonder if loving is a crime

You will be here late

Like always

and when I have left you will blame me for not  waiting for you

I will blame you for not being on time

we both will have someone to blame

when in fact there will be no one else

in that time

in that place

in that moment

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