You tell me

For a 15 year old me

Love was the face of the football team captain

who was teased with my name while he gave a concert

Love was uneatable amount of chocolates and a lot of snow patrol songs

It was sharing the same phone so that we saw the same things when we looked at our phones

Love was watching movies and all the cheesy love songs that were dedicated to me

For a 20 year old me

Love was a stranger I did not want to be friends with

whose name felt like tasting shattered glass on my tongue

Love was bitter than the most bitter medicines I had ever tasted

It was trying my best not to be under the same sky

Love was adele’s broken hearted lyrics and crying to ludovico einaudi

For a 22 year old me

Love is

Love is being myself

with a face that defines home

Love is not being scared of the future

Love is not liking sweet things in particular but then chocolate chip cookies and nice quality pastries are an exception

Love is any genre I like to go with my day

Love is a distance I want to cover soon

Love is a journey

Love is you