She is beautiful
She is art
She is fat
She is grey
She is a slut
I mean how can she be celebrating her body
When she has so much FAT!
Look at the scars on her knees RIDICULOUS
She is so confident its hilarious!

Now if you are dumb enough
to not know the art of words
You can go ahead and describe a girl
With what you think is ‘more than enough’
On her body

You can try
To Make her feel terrible
For deciding not to look for mistakes in the mirror
And fill her mind with terror
To be ashamed if she chooses to be
More than one person at a time

Excuse me sir,

(Clearance of throat)

I think you have not figured
How fabulous she actually is..
To make you run out of words
To compel you to describe her
In more than emotions and colors
Because she is not about blatant plain things served on white plates
She is the flavor that adds taste
She is the free spirit that opens gates
for caged souls who forgot freedom
and you are there trying to tell her that she NEEDS him…

For what?
I ask shamelessly
You reply to me arrogantly
‘You are a woman do not raise your voice’
‘She needs to lose weight to fit in the society’
‘But baba what if that is not my choice?
I will never be one of them ..They will take away all of me’
She asks in a trembling voice
She was used to being silenced by noise
Now when she finally can hear her self
And decide to be her own help
This man who tried to silence her
With adjectives that didn’t justify the thunder
She had inside
Has nothing more to say

I look at her with pride
And say
“Go ahead be whoever you want
You need not fit in the society standards
Because to be honest it does not have one
Or else it would have been bold to have a name
And not just be the “everybody” that makes society.”