I have always been blessed to meet new people and listen to their stories.One extraordinary woman I met the other day was Amanda Lindhout, (Google her you won’t regret it).I could see her beaming with life, her grace,her beauty,her aura would never tell us the story she had lived.

She was one of the speakers in an event I organised….after her speech there was not a single pair of eyes left dry….I could not understand her pain or attempt to feel it….All I could do was admire her and wish her the best of everything…but for the first time in my life…admiration seemed like a small package  to gift to someone who had done so much….

Amanda Lindhout has gone through so much torture that I would not imagine any other possible way of torture for anyone.But the way she did not give up and was thoughtful for other people was so much that I was ashamed of the how ungrateful I was sometimes…..


I can’t talk about how she made me feel but all I can say is that I learnt from her to be compassionate and to feel for others…sometimes that might hurt us more than it should but that is what keeps us alive …..life is not lived unless lived for others….giving up is never in the picture and NEVER an option.


Just smile…be compassionate….accept things…and appreciate more 🙂


for more information go to her website http://www.amandalindhout.com