The reason I write is because it is my religion…this is how I pray…this is how my prayers are answered….this is how God exists for me and this is how I find my calm…this is how I heal myself.

It has been working to some extent because I am this ball of expression and I need to let it out in every single way possible.

Someone once told me that I should accept things as it is that way I will not let the situation control me and then I will be okay with things.Being okay with things is one of the best ways to not give a fuck about it…You know what I mean?

I need to deal with this, whatever  is happening is happening without my consent but I have to deal with this.It is okay champions are called champions because they fight not because they become a grey ball of sadness and lie in a corner being a whuss( to be honest I do not know what a whuss means but I like how it is pronounced…it sounds very useless and blegh…that seems to be my word these days)


I need to do a lot of things I do not want to to discover myself…..I need to learn a lot of lessons I do not want to because they are important and most of all I need to keep reminding myself that I am a ninja that fights all the sadness in the world because I have rainbow powers.