It takes less than Rs 20 for me to cover the distance that transforms me from Tukku to Digital Marketing Manager whose designation is a communications assistant  because a fresh graduate is not supposed to be in a senior post.

In that journey of around 20 mins,on days I forget my earphones home I listen to people who share the ride with me…because I am someone who does not respect other people’s privacy ….erm no because those people do not know that they should not be talking about personal things in a public transport…and it is NATURAL for people to hear them speak when they are seated less than 2 inches away.

Some people talk about vegetables some people talk about Virginia…some are worried if their corpse would have to wait a few days to be cremated because their only son is in America….wow…the kind of tensions people have is very varied….once there were 15 year olds talking about derivatives and maths and solving problems with a notebook inside a safa tempo which is not safa at all……

Some people are just staring blankly …and some are talking about how Nepal is so damn corrupted and how one would easily go to France and become a chef…..damn …people can never be the same can they…

and all this happening around me for about 40 mins per day makes me think why am I trying so hard to fit in?

everyone is supposed to be different….I do not have to ashamed for being delicate and having them feels…..its not a disaster…I am not a disaster….I am just different…and for now…that is okay….