“is there anything I can do for you?
“yes,please be here for me.”
that I can’t…”
anything else?”
I’m looking for something to look forward,I am hopeless.”
but a lot more worse things are going to come,you are not the person I knew before….Aren’t you supposed to overcome this already?”
“I’m sorry I’m such a hassle for everyone.”
no you’re not”
Its just that I don’t have time to deal with this because I have other people’s money invested in something important you are obviously worth less than that but don’t worry I will not do this again so when you are fine again (if you ever live to be fine) I won’t do anything like this again,but now in your difficult time I don’t have time to give you.Actually you are overreacting to everything because you are a spoilt just deal with this yourself I am not made for emotions and you are asking me to change all of a sudden how dare you?


I don’t know why I am Here ,I should never have been….