chapter 13

If I had a girlfriend who put me before everything else in her world.I would celebrate her existence with all my heart.If she cared about my family and what to gift to them on special occasions,and if she worried about what my teenage cousin would feel if I did not get her the justin beiber book she asked for…I would care for her tiny details too.

If she finally opened up about her sufferings and pain,and asked me to be her help.I would do EVERYTHING in the world to save her.I would hold her in my arms and be there to fight the demons that try to diminish her.I would choose her over everything,even if that everything meant a start up company because money can be made and lost….but someone as precious as her…who not only cares for me with her soul but my family too ….she is priceless.

I would take her out and cuddle with her,show her off to everyone and tell the world the lucky man I am because of her.She would not have to beg me to post  a photo of us on instagram.She would not have to be hurt for expecting to celebrate our anniversary.I would hold her and tell her how much she means to me….I would buy her simple things she wants and take her or long drives.

I would write cheesy things for her and post it everywhere,I would not be ashamed of her.I would not make her feel bad for asking me my time.I would not be an idiot to think that she has anything against my success and I would never tell her that because of her I had to change everything in my life.

I would do things with her because I love her with all my heart,not because I have to …you know what I mean…because once you tell someone that you would be with them if you had to and there was no other choice but not because you love them it kills them.If she constantly told me that simple exchanging of rings would somehow make her more secure about who she was…god damn it I would buy a million rings for her even if I had to take a  million dollar loan.

If she asked me to be there for her I would remind her that I never left.I would do something about her insecurities and listen to her.Because she would be the most important thing for me…I would treat her like a queen and not let anything or anyone hurt her..I would stand up for her ALL THE FUCKING TIME….I would…if she existed….but I am afraid she is not there anymore