Chapter 17 :Intelligence,Individuality and India

A lot of us are told to measure ourselves based on how other people measure us.

But we are never told that human beings are not here to be measured or else we would just have been numbers instead of names and we could have been maths instead of memories.We are also told not to hear the things that are things that are not said but to be real with you I would not have learnt so much if I was just listening and did not observe myself.

Intelligence is not grades,this is what I told my students when I was a teacher…that you should think for your god damn self and have your own vision because this is not some story you are watching on TV this is your own life.A lot of us (specially brown and asians (not trying to be stereotypical but well…)) are expected to live up to our parents expectations.The list of expectations will include incredibly interesting things for example you acing your classes or failing your classes suddenly are co-related to your parents social status….if you are a young adult then the person you are dating,:his/her economic and social background  is directly related to the principles that your parents instilled in you like whoa how sick is that?

What I figured without anyone telling me is that by judging someone I am doing the most cruel thing a human being can do without actually doing anything but just having this spectacle of sick thinking where I think I am a better than the people around me because I have not been through what they have.Now I am not trying to brag about me but that is intelligence..thinking for yourself and respecting and trusting yourself is intelligence….which can also be correlated to individuality.

Oh wait I am a brown woman who lives with her parents and I am 20 something what the hell do I mean by individuality I am just  ‘too influenced’ by my ‘foreign friends’ who know nothing about life.There is nothing called individuality for a woman specially women my age or past my age  because all we are supposed to do is study till masters and then get married so that we do not bring shame on our family’s honor.It is insane that I even think of terms like individuality because duh I have not really met a woman who is individual in real life they are either on TV or I read about them…or they are always someone‘s daughter or wife or mother…they are not individuals they are just women….whereas men can be individuals they can get married after they have experimented with their lives..well women do not have lives of their own….and there I was thinking I could see the world and experience things before I settle down.I am just 23 I am supposed to be running around like Miley Cyrus does being fabulous and supporting whichever concept I want.I am supposed to be experimenting with everything but I have to ask for permission to cut MY haha I thought it grew on my skull but whatever…..but according to my brown principles I should think of settling down because otherwise it will be ‘too late’. lameness crosses limits on some principles I hear…

If I dare enough to be an individual then erm it is none of anyone’s business because I am not paying anyone anything for minding my business I am already pissed I have to pay tax to my country’s almost useless government.

That reminds me why India is there on the topic today…some gullible nepalese are going way over on the hashtags…like seriously guys you think your hashtags are changing the world and promoting world peace???

the most it can do is create awareness and ermmmmm NEWSFLASH most news or whatever on the internet is FAKE.What happened to the #bringbackourgirls….do you think the boko haram people felt pressurized?


Do you really think that the #stopyulin  stopped the festival that has been going on for centuries? who will go and verify for me? I will give you a plate of momos if you can verify that.

I do not hate India..I do think that I should be ashamed of myself if I think that by hating India is how I prove myself as a Nepali.SHAME ON YOU.Yes it might have been interfering to some extent but you do realise that our economy sucks big time and that we are landlocked..WE ARE SCREWEDDDDD instead of coming up with lame hashtags and oh so much of hatred just think for yourself on how you would want the situation to be handled?

Yes India should not have tried to interfere in the announcement of the constitution but guess what there were so many protests in Nepal when India opened the roadway that travels to Thailand.I had to witness the energy people were wasting on the streets of Baneshwor because India did not discuss with Nepal to open the road ways when the road does not even come close to the border of Nepal.How was it such a big concern for us?

The same way it was a concern for India.

So grow up..use your intelligence to actually respect your individuality and stop hating India.I love Nepal,I love Momos and Bipul Chettri.I love Dal Bhat and I do not hate India…infact Indians might be shameless in accepting that they are stingy in spending money or whatever but they are accepting people…they accept them for who they are and laugh at themselves and make fun of their own accents….I think that is why they got so far….because they never promoted patriotism with hatred for someone else but love for self.

Have a nice pondering time

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