I always thought Parisians were the most trendy people on earth. All I envisioned them doing was worrying  most about the spring or fall collection being in their closet by big brands and designs.Maybe on bad days or breakups they would munch on macaroons and totally get over every single problem.After all people who look good are never supposed to feel bad about anything isn’t it?

I never pictured them as normal people who had to go to work and pay bills and taxes.I never thought that people who lived in Paris had families and had to deal with disappointments or ever deal with the concept of opportunity cost.They just had to shop and flaunt their perfect nose.Live the picture perfect life with their amazing wardrobe and make the streets a fashion runway.

I mean who would picture Paris as a city with the most realistic problems? even the french president Francois Hollande was on the news for dating hot women and also for his private affairs with his girlfriends.

Who in the world who had not been there would know that the city also lacks proper waste management and has more people who can not pay their bills than people who are more fabulous than people who make it to the billboards?

I am not trying to be racist or anything but I think Nepali people are way more fabulous than French.No Nepali person is interested in the personal life of the president,the president was a happy young man riding buffaloes before he was the president..he did a few things in between and now he is the president and no one knows what he exactly does except doing the rituals the king did when he had the rights of the king.

Do we care about the president? absolutely not…do our paparazzi have time for that?Certainly not

Nepalese are busy celebrating everything they have including pain that they do not really get the concept of celebrities.btw .there is only one self acclaimed journalist in Nepal,Rishi Dhamala…who runs this show called Dhamala ko Hamala…(literal translation-Dhamala`s attack) I have no idea why Nepali celebrities or politicians accept to go on a show called dhamala’s attack but lets not get judgemental here we are talking about trends and I am just writing to show you how Nepali people can outbeat the french in being the trendsetters.

Do you think the french people would take a selfie of themselves smiling with  #nopetrol #walkingcosnootheroption #donateoiltoindianembassy #walkingisbeneficialanyways because there is petrol crisis?

Do you think they would just adjust to everything and make it look cool? any freaking inconvenient uncomfortable situation we are put in we nepali people laugh at it and somehow adjust and make it trendy.I saw a facebook freind post a photo of herself walking to work with her mother with a quote that said,”well atleast I will lose weight for my wedding thanks petrol crisis.”.Wow such a sunshine in dark days isn’t she?

Whether it be caused by nasty men in the government or the numb gods who do not answer prayers the way we deal with problems is by making it look as if its easy.

I mean who else can make  camping outside the house due to earthquake a trend?

Donate and volunteer for the earthquake victims because it is just so cool to post your selfies with people who just became homeless and lost their loved ones. (I do not see why you need to show that you have helped someone…I mean do you help people to show people that you can help or because you actually wanted to help? )

We nepali people are seriously miracles with the super power of adjustments with feet.

We can adjust to everything …from the earth shaking to the land sliding…we totally get it that life moves on…I do not feel other people can be so quick to make fun of their problems and laugh at them as we can.Do you think the french people would be okay with making the earthquake is giving a missed call joke and trend it all over social media? -=-

There is nothing that nepali people can not make trendy from chinese micheal kors to hating neighbours together to just wasting energy on who was born where to shanti purna rallys that just create ashanti to everyone else around and make no difference to the people in power to sunday morning love you we can just make anything to everything trendy.

But have you ever considered who is having the last laugh even if we are making everything a joke?

#thinkforyourself #secondhandthinkingsucks #topiistrendy