Day 2: A Letter to Papli

Dear Papli

You been slaying since 1960s and I’m not saying this just because you’re my mother .(okay I might be saying that just because you’re my mother )

So we had a screwed up relationship for a while and we blamed the guys I dated or my bad choice of freinds . Well whatever it was at 24 you are the wisest woman I know with the most epic mood swings ever (let’s blame the menopause )

So Papli you have this sense of style and this epic way of winged eyeliner that even Kylie doesn’t have and you have been someone who has weirdly understood everything I have ever wanted to be in life .

Thanks for raising me and making me understand the harsh way that I am not supposed to stand up for myself and not compromise with the kind of person I am. Thankyou for not being freaked out when I tried to explain to you how Ramayana is actually the Hindu version of Harry Potter written by a male psycho who wanted us to idolise Ram who drops off his  pregnant wife in a jungle for the fear of society.Thankyou for listening to my heartbreaks and still telling me that I am worth more than all the assholes that have broken my heart .

And above all Thankyou for making me feel that you got my back regardless of whatever happening. Thankyou for standing up for me when I put Avril Lavigne posters all over my bedroom wall on fresh paint just because I could and also for reminding me that I should stay healthy.Thankyou for keeping up with all my phases my vegan phase, my lets figure myself out with vipassana phase,my I am in love with him and can’t liv e without him phase,my lets adopt all the puppies in the world phase,my I will peirce my earlobes for no apparent reason phase and all the phases that can not be mentioned publicly .

Most of all Thankyou so much for trying your best to keep up with me even if we belonged to a different time and place, I know you don’t like me writing too much because you do not think its cool but this is what makes me me mamu

I think that if you were not my mother you would still be a wonderful are amazing at cooking and organising things , sometimes a bit manipulative but then all for the best of everything .I think you would be a better businessman than dad and that is not a lie.

You do not give a shit about a lot of things except for me and the fam bam and that is what makes you such a queen .

I can’t write everything I feel for you and feel because of you Ofcourse it’s impossible but Papli I love you with all my heart and would give up everything in the world for you .You deserve everything you want from being slim while eating everything to a grand wedding of your kids everything !!!!

I love you and I know that you love me with everything you are too

Thanks for being my saviour all the time


Tukku maharani