Thankyou note to you ^.^

I decided to wear the most plain dress I ever owned for our first date.

I did not want you to like me.I did not even bother combing my hair and left it at the mess it was.Kind of wanted you to read in between the lines and figure out that I was what my hair represented…almost all over the place but pretty to look at anyways.I told myself that we were not going to go anywhere so why be nice and was my meanest to you.

I did not even bother painting my nails because why would I ?

You were sipping down your coffee with a smile and I ordered something that would make my breath stink…. hot chocolate!

Why would I want to smell nice infront of someone who I did not want to impress?

I asked you questions,you answered pateintly.You asked me questions and  I changed the topic. I told you all about my past,the guys I dated,the creepy men who made my life difficult,even about my best freind….and you listened as if I was speaking about saving the world.I almost wanted to slap you for being so nice.

I even had the last peice of momo on our  because well I did not really care about you.

One hell of a first date it was because who decides never to see each other again or to date each other the first time they meet?


I do not even know why I called you to meet me the second time,I was surprised that you came all the way just to see me because I would not have done so.

You looked at me like I was the first warm sunrise after a series of gloomy days. I looked at you with question marks because I did not know what you were the answer to.

You talked to my freind and listened to my childhood stories from her.I do not know why you were so interested.We kept stealing glances from each other as if admitting that we liked looking at each other was a crime.

You ate sushi even if you were not so fond of it because I ordered it.You let me order whenever we ate out.I gave you a last minute small cake with a silly lotus on it and it was the ugliest cake I have seen in my entire existence and my god you were so happy and thankful to have it because I gave it to you.Last year I had spent more than $120 on someone’s birthday cake and he did not even say thankyou out of courtesy without being asked to.I guess I had forgotten what sincere thankyous  felt like and it felt nice to be reminded of sincere feelings. 🙂


Fastforward to five months later I can’t wait to see you again.I start my day with you and end it with you.Everything that goes on in between that has anything nice or not I tell you.You are not bothered by how much I text you and how I expect replies.You literally make me feel like the world revolves around me and I am possibly the centre of the universe.You ask me about what I like and do not and you literally plan things around me ❤

Being a non judgemental man who speaks little in general you speak enough to give my stomach butterflies that fly out from my lips and lighten up a dark room like fireflies and echo with happy laughter.In a few months you are well acquainted with sephora value sets and do not mind that I am peculiar about a lot of things in life.From pampering me with customised hand sanitizers to the cutest tangle teezer in the world,from making sure I got my all time favorite fragranced body lotion that was not made anymore to making me feel like I am pretty even when I just woke up you have done everything to make me feel like I am a rainbow farting unicorn queen of cupcakes and all nice things in the world.

You being so eager to see me makes me feel like I am worth so much of excitement.I do not even know what that sentence is supposed to mean but I mean it in the best way possible.

I feel utterly blessed that you are exactly the kind of man that would come out as a package when Rae’s peculiar characteristics of what a man should be would be mixed together <3.

Thankyou so  so much for keeping the child in me alive and restoring my faith in fairytales and grand weddings again.You make me feel like whenever I decide to get married it will be straight like a fairytale that would get a 100 million views on youtube and make women all over the world cry with happiness.

Men like you restore my faith in humanity and all the good things in life in general.

I like how annoying you are (I know this sounds weird but yes I do admit.)Even if you  cheat during thumbwrestlings I know you are a genuine person who is the reason I smile genuinely from my eyes to my liver.(literally)Even on bad days you make me feel like everyrhing will fall into place and you will always have my back

Thankyou so much for being alive and well and in my life.

Super excitedd to see you again 😀



P.S I got the answer to the questions I looked at you with….thankyou for teaching me that self love and being accepting and not giving a flying fuck about a lot of things in life is the best way to live muuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahs


P.P.S-all my bestfreinds love you and my parents have already accepted you as family so yeah you are damn fabulous and totally qualify being the person I told you about.