6 advices from a stranger called Gabbie Hanna

Until an hour  ago I did not  know who Gabbie Hanna was and tbh I have not googled or watched any of her YouTube videos yet but I already feel like I should write about her because I stumbled upon her book called ‘Adultolescence ‘.

So while I was just chilling at Barnes and Nobles and trying to prepare for my GRE I decided I needed a break and I went to the poetry section and her book was right there next to Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey…….I was about to pick up Rupi Kaur but I decided to go for Adultoescence instead because duh the word is invented for people like me who are in the period of becoming an adult ?? ( I am 25 you guys and I don’t know how to adult yet damn it )

Anyways so this book is a poetry collection which also happens to have illustrations by the author herself and I feel like this book is just BOMB because

A. it is relateable

B.it has not tried hard to relate with you

C.it has a bit of everything that you go through

D.the author has kept the book so raw that she has not edited the typos or grammar errors throughout  the book

E. she has good drawing skills ( i LOVE doodling myself)

Since I am not someone who is bothered by typos and grammar errors because I believe if you get the point then why make a fuss  I pretty much loved this book in an instantaneous way and I just KNEWWW I had to write about it.

I loved the random pieces of  advice she threw in the book in no particular order and here are 6 advises that I needed to hear and I hope you can help yourself too!




when i’m sober Mcdonalds seems like the worst possible decision but when im drunk it seems like the best possible choice so if something in ur life doesn’t seem right maybe just try looking at it through a different lens and also mix vodka with grapefruit juice its surprisingly refreshing.’

Challenging your own perspective and understanding that there is no black and white IRL and a lot of gray areas is very important in order to live a content life with good night’s sleep.It took me a while to make myself understand that not everything needs to be categorized into wrong or right,almost everything in life depends on the situation you are in.It is important to refresh the way you look at things and most importantly it is important to refresh the way you look at yourself too. (More power to you,more self love…You do you Hun!)




when i was little i was the only person who could not do a cartwheel bc I was 2 scared so I tried and tried and guess wut i still can’t do a cartwheel but i gave it my best shot and its okay to fail as long as u try’

This particular advice from her I could relate to literally because while growing up among my friend circle I was the only one who could not do gymnastics and sucked at all the Physical Training classes.In fact I was so horrible that when I dared to ask my teacher to let me participate and practice for marathon he told me to ‘Rest and let it be’.

I felt bad for being an ‘inactive’ child  who eventually got ‘fat’ and could not play with the other kids for ‘always being tired’ I guess I aced at one thing atleast…’being tired’ hah anyways the point is  I was never the active child and I felt bad about but now as an adult I try and be active with yoga and hoolahoop,I am yet to ace it but atleast I try!




for 25 years I told myself I couldn’t do a single push-up and now I can do 4 push-ups so don’t doubt yourself believe in yourself you can do anything.’ 

Legit took me 25 years to understand that EVERY BODY is a YOGA BODY .I always told myself that since I can not touch my toes and am not flexible I am not eligible to do yoga.After joining my yoga classes my teacher made me realize that I was double jointed and hence I am much more flexible than people who are not double jointed.I just thought my hands bent weird because I never knew the ‘double jointed’ concept before that .( Do not judge my biology knowledge I just never paid attention in class)

Most of the time if not always it is just you telling yourself you can not do it and not anyone else.So tell yourself to shut up and go do whatever it is you want to do because chances are you can do it.



‘when i was younger girls asked ”does this make my butt look big” in like a concerned way and now girls ask ”does my butt look big” in an excited way so don’t worry your butt will be trendy someday.’

This is legit yet low key way of telling you to love yourself and accept yourself regardless of what the world thinks of you.Growing up I was an awkward teen for I had huge boobs and I was never comfortable with my mammary glands being the first thing people noticed about me.BUT now at 25 I am happy with it’s size and I am happy with my body.

I was ‘over’ self conscious one of the factors leading to me being such way was my mother constantly saying ‘Chya! kasto thulo dekheko’ (Literal translation :Ewww it looks too big), and even till now she is not comfortable with me being comfortable with my body but I literally do not have time for that .



when i was a kid my biggest fear was getting lost in space & it turns out maybe i shouldn’t have been so stressed about that bc I don’t have a spaceship so don’t make problems where there aren’t any.’

If there was an award for ‘overthinking human who stresses out for nothing’ I am 100% eligible for that and might even be winning that for the same reason as the title explains.I am guilty for thinking too much to such an extent that sometimes I am blown away by the fact that my mind has not exploded yet for so much of the thoughts.

This advice is very very very important since it is about simplifying your life and not creating issues that were non- existent in the first place.




Ppl change i used to hate coconut and now i love coconut,so don’t judge ppl on their past.2nd chances r real ,have faith ,don’t give up on ppl’

Sometimes you should give people a second chance,specially if that person is you,yourself.


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