Being Hopeful

Why do I have to explain?

All the things that causes pain

Can you for once try to understand?

Ugh Go ahead excuse yourself because you are a man

Sometimes I wish you could see

All the things and people that make ‘me ‘ me

But its not right to expect from people

You are not people though

You are the MAN

Every single thing has to go according to your plan

There are nice men too I won’t generalise

But I don’t belong to them though

Funny how a woman always ‘needs’ to belong

Sometimes I wish you could touch me

Beyond my skin ,legs and breasts

Sometimes I wish you could see me as a human before Im a woman

But you are a busy man

What am I to to?

Wishful thinking has never been good

You make me want to worship my father

He is a great man

Always loves my mother and tries to understand

That is old fashioned you say,you just cant compromise

Funny I never knew love was a trend

Lame you,Lame me,Lame world I dont know who is lamer

Sometimes in that moment of long sigh

When I have a sad smile because I cant do much

I wish you would see my cry

I wish you could see my eyes

No,not the colour of it,or the flattering of my lashes

But how I see things and how our ideas clashes

In louis voutton I feel cheap

A woman who made promises to herself she cant keep

I promised myself I would be different

Stayed with you because you are unique

Shameful how I find my difference in someone I meet

Maybe someday you will see my soul

I hope one day you shall or maybe not

Because sometimes being hopeful is the worst thing you can do to yourself