what you need to know

The thing is people always want to know whats going on…maybe it makes them feel informed or maybe they just have nothing better to do
The three questions that i am frequently asked are as the following:
1.How are you always happy?
2.What is it that you want the world to know?
3.Why do you write?
Let me answer the second question first ( never been known to go by order)
What is it that I want the world to know?
The world already knows all that it needs to. It already has all that it needs to have. Im a micro mini part of it. Too insignificant to be considered anything as of yet. It already has proven facts and figures and mathematics and science and philosophy. 
I haven’t even figured myself out. What would I have to say to someone who has been here thousands of years before me? The best thing I can say is hi! and smile or maybe just giggle in the “Rae” way because I would be embarrassed by how much I don’t know. I don’t have anything to prove, so I would just want the world to know that I was here and I said hello.
3.Why is it that you write?
I do not believe in the concept of ‘ best’ but I trust in the process of becoming ‘better’. When I write thats the moment I can express best and I write a little more and a little more than that because I feel I get better. Not exactly at writing but connecting to what I think and what reality is. I actually write because I need constant reminders that what I think and feel isn’t always happening
1.How are you always happy?
They say happiness is a state of mind and its something that you find within your self and bla bla pursue it boa bla. Nothing like tht was happy when I met happiness…it wasn’t a process. It still isn’t. Its two words …its acceptance and appreciation
I am happy because I not only accept things but I also appreciate it. It’s as easy as that. Nothing complicated. ..no rocket science. ..something so simple anyone can apply it. When I got dumped it took me 8 months to accept it. After 8 months I accepted it. After 1 and a half year I appreciated it. And damn I’ve never been happier than this. Actually im happier each day. Because the more you accept the more powerful you become. ..external factors don’t matter anymore after that.
So yeah,accept appreciate..stay in touch with reality and somehow this giant world will know you were here and you said hi.