Everyone Is a Phoenix By Choice

One of the greatest illusions human beings have is that death is a one time thing.That you die once..just like you live once.

I personally don’t feel so though,I have died in installments in the past 21 years like I have lived and I’m still alive.

Death like most things in life is a process…its not just an end.

I first found out that when one dies physically one never comes back at the age of 6.Someone I know had chosen death over life.Someone in the funeral said that she was a coward for choosing the easy way out..I don’t think she was a coward,but she was parsimonious,she didn’t think about the people she was leaving behind.That was the day I promised myself that I was ALWAYS going to choose life over death under any circumstance..under any time..no matter how difficult it was.That was a huge promise for a 6 year old to make to herself but I’m thankful for that one because I have kept it safe and plan to keep it until I actually die.

I died a little bit when my first pet Mickey died.He was ( still is) the bestest dog in the world.I got him as a birthday present on my second birthday.He was the bestest gift ever.I was 11 when he died.I hated death for taking him away from me,I would definitely punch him in the face for taking the one that loved me more than it loved itself.But I still chose to move on and continue living my life.Mickey has lived in my heart ever since and shall live with me till I die.Even death could not do as apart.

In June 2001,when the Royal Massacre of Nepal took place,a little bit of love for my country died with the royal family members.My country died as a peaceful kingdom.A democratic Nepal was coming up next.Even a 4th grader knew that it would be possible to love your country without loving the people who rule it.I knew it was going to be difficult but totally worth it.

September 2001..the 9/11 incident made me fear some religions in the world.It hit me that anyone could die at any moment for just the feeling of revenge.But in the process of growing up I realized that humans are the culprits best known for misinterpretation.It is neither God,religion or death to be blamed.

On August 2004 when I read about the 12 Nepalese killed in Iraq,I cried ,I don’t know what exactly died inside of me maybe it was faith in humanity that died.That was when I realized that some people love the power of being feared so much that they would not mind killing innocent people just to be feared.In 2012 I met a girl from Iraq in my University,her faith in God was so strong my faith in him was restored.She called me her sister,baked me my 20th Birthday Cake and hugged me sincerely just because she saw me.She is a beautiful soul.I realized the value of being open and Loving God instead of fearing him because of her.I don’t know if anyone can do anything more for any other human being.Once again after something died something greater replaced it inside of me.

In 2011 when the person who meant the world to me left me because I was not enough,I did not feel alive anymore.It felt like every thing inside of me went dark and cold.With Time and patience I realized I was enough..good enough to stand alone and not be lonely..it took a lot of time and a lot of patience and a lot of raised eye brows this phoenix was born inside of me that could bring itself to life after death no matter what happened.Since then I have never looked back

The Delhi gang rape case in 2012 shocked me.It tore my heart and soul.It is something that shall always scare me.The brutality,the physical pain and torture she had to go through was unimaginable.People could not even listen to it and even after she went all through that hell the first thing she wrote on the piece of paper she passed to her mother was that she wanted to live .

That amazing woman gave me the strength to say never say die and mean it.

So yes,I have been dying and being reborn in the past few years.I could have let these incidents kill me and make me cold but hey I came up with the phrase ‘ Everyone is a Phoenix by Choice ‘ after watching the Harry Potter series.That moment I saw the Phoenix being reborn from the ashes was the moment I decided I was going to be a Phoenix and that I shall never die until I’m actually dead.

One of the greatest illusions humans believe in is that death is a one time thing..but actually it’s not..until and unless you have the power to admit something has killed you you will not have the power to be reborn again.

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