All It takes to be Attractive

Before you read on the tips and tricks on how to be attractive and pretty let me tell you something there is always going to be someone who is prettier than you more attractive than you and will know things that you don’t know. If you know how to deal with the sentence above you will always be the prettiest woman you will know. 🙂

Tip Number 1:


Compacts and concealers are not the only things that make one pretty. Confidence attracts more .Now I know that being confident isn’t that easy and you can’t just go be like ‘’WOHOOOO WORLD HERE COMES A CONFIDENT WOMAN!’’

You just have to accept yourself, the pimples that you have on your skin is the proof that you are changing and growing inside out. If being mature isn’t pretty I don’t know what is!

Tip Number 2:


I always try to focus on this statement,’ Make up is used to enhance your face not to hide it!’

If you make this statement your magical mantra you will be shocked at how many compliments you will be getting. Being all natural with the least makeup possible will really make you attractive. Raw attracts more than make ups

Tip Number 3:


Eating a lot of potatoes will make you one. You can’t expect to look like a Victoria’s secret model by being a lazy potato couch. Make sure you eat healthy, try to control eating oily and fatty food .I’m not telling you to be all calorie conscious and count everything that you eat .

Calories is just energy that you get from food after all so why be afraid of that? Just make sure that you eat things in the right quantity at the right time. Try to sweat; (it will give you that special glow)

Tip Number 4:


Whatever your body type apple, pear, tube or hourglass CELEBRATE IT!

NO! This doesn’t mean you go run around naked. This means you wear clothes that compliment your figure. Celebrate being a woman. Use accessories if you want to. Exalt your existence


Tip Number 5


If you look at Miranda Kerr and then compare yourself we all know what’s going to happen next. You are going to rape Google and find out every single beauty secret that she has. You are going to feel bad because you are not going to be able to afford all that she does and you are too lazy to dedicate that much time for maintaining yourself. So the solution is simple STOP COMPARING. Super models look like supermodels because it’s their profession without makeup and Photoshop they look just like you and me (well..Most of them)It’s okay to look not that good at times it just shows that you are a normal human being who needs breaks often. Now what is prettier than being human?

Tip Number 6:


If all the tips above are not working and you still feel like a potato you should stop being stingy with words and compliment people. You should smile more often and be nice to people. Most people when complimented will compliment back J this won’t just make your day it will make theirs too 😉