DAY 8 ( 21 letters to whom it may concern 21-8)

Dear wall clock

You know that friend who keeps a seat in the bus when you are running late? The one who always waits for you to finish your food because you kind of eat slow?

Well clearly you have never been that friend…you have always been the ‘’You walk with me or you walk alone kind of friend’a bit harsh…but always necessary for growth.

You were there since as long as I can remember,since the time I didn’t want to cut my birthday cake when I was two because the cake was so pretty and I didn’t want to ruin it

I know you laughed at me for how naïve I was…but I also know you sighed and wished me a beautiful life ahead.

You were there when I went to kindergarten for the first time and I was just going to school so just that I could use my Barbie water bottle that had a 3d BARBIE written on it ( ERMAGAD COOLNESS).

Basically you have been there but you have never paused for me..always went around doing what you have to do.

You just went on ticking ,running away (or passing by) regardless of what I wanted.

I was not  even done being 8  but  I was already someone who had periods to worry about.

That was fast..I know..but that is just how it happened…that is just how life happened..just like that.

I was not done adjusting to certain things and the moment was gone already and I was already in a new scene…trying to comprehend what happened in the past.

Its like I was just understanding what high school is about (thanks to perks of being a wallflower) but when I checked you my  dear wall clock and checked what date it was…I was 21 already…and went to university and lacked sleep and survived on coffee and what not.

You stayed…all the time on the wall..watching  me change and grow…tracking time…reminding me about the things I need to do…telling me the difference between AM and PM when I did not want to open the curtains to let sunlight enter my room.

You stayed on the wall..but you were always on time…never before or after made being ‘monotonous and stuck at one point’ so much cooler.

You were perfect at telling me when I should finish my homework when I was a kid  and also  you were GREAT at keeping me excited to wait for my favorite cartoon shows…

I thought you were always doing things faster in my case than other people you know like maybe ticking in fast forward mode…but then you were not…you were as just to me as you were to everyone…thankyou 🙂

You made my  life TRACKABLE if that makes sense.

I was always complaining to my mother saying you tick faster for me..that is why everyone eats faster and I am always slow…but it was never your fault I was a slow eater ( I still am ) Im sorry I blamed you but you didn’t say anything in return ( such a sweetheart) instead kept on doing what you have to do in my life

I kind of am not good with numbers…but you make things finite and achievable for me..thankyou 🙂

Thank you for being patient and kind…not reversing things because I made a mistake…for being a reminder that its okay to let go of things…for letting me know that there would be another time to do some stuffs I  cant do…for letting me know that when the time is right things will happen and all i have to be is patient and quick at the same time.( weird I know but that’s what I learnt from you)

Thankyou for always being on time …to save me…to celebrate with me…to cry and laugh…and for everything that has happened to me in between

I hope that someday just like you I will be just in time

Loads of love and bear hugs

And a lot of rae moments that make people laugh and cry