DAY 11 ( 21 letters to whom it may concern 21-11)

Hello my little piece of sunshine ❤

You know that feeling when an 8 year calls you your best friend and tells you  that you are so cool that she is going to grow up and become just like you?

That moment of pride and happiness and ‘aaaww’ and all those mixture of what powerpuff girls is made up of sugar spice and everything nice :),my little walking sweet cupcake you made me feel that.

You are so beautiful with your dimples and your chubby pullable cheeks and thick soft hair,adorable toes and such creative hands.

Dont be fooled my little darling for you are much more than all that peripheral beauty (Okay Rae mamu knows you don’t know peripheral it means outside like your outside beauty okay?).You are BEAUTIFUL and you will be beautiful even with a crinkle on your nose or crows feet at the side of your eyes,even if you have pimples and sun burnt patches,even if you have dark cirlcles later when you go to college.You are going to be beautiful even without all those fancy dresses and  jewelleries because sweetheart beauty was never what they saw of you…beauty was always your point of view…and my baby you have it…a beautiful pair of curios eyes which does not stop itself from day dreaming or expressing.

I know its a bit difficult for you to understand all this because you are just 8 but just read this time and again okay you will eventually understand it someday.

The way you look at me as if I am wonderwoman just makes me feel like I need to do so much more to be one.

I am very proud of your achievements and how you are so in love with your name ( I am in love with my name too…its like so cool adoring what you are called..many people cant do that  ),I love how gracefully you dance ,how you dont understand what university is and how you are so happy that you are the class leader at your school ( YOU GO GIRL)

I am so proud that you can perform at the stage like you have been doing this for the last 100 years and yet you are just 8.

Now listen these stuffs are kind of serious,You need to keep this in your mind even if your heart does not understand it as of yet… you just keep this with yourself and you will understand when you need to use them.

You are a graceful little girl with broad shoulders and a lot to offer to this world for sure,but that does not mean you need to carry all the heaviness in the world,If things seem heavy in the shoulders don’t you dare let it travel to your heart…change the map a little bit and shift it to your hands give me a call or write to me…I shall help you with everything I can

Somedays you will not feel like dancing,and its okay you don’t have to feel guilty for resting.

Someday some guy is going to call you beautiful and make you feel unicorns in in the stomach ,say thank-you to him and accept it but dont you dare forget the definition of beauty ( its not how they see you…its your point of view),and dont date anyone who does not get that concept…or actually date anyone you want…but just tell me when you date someone I will not invade your privacy but I just need to know who you date so that IF that person leaves your heart feeling fragile and broken I shall fix it with duct tape a lot of love and icecream.

Also read more than you watch tv ,stop playing with that TAB you have so much I mean you are 8!!!!!!!!! why do you need one,go out play with mud and play house and play barbie or something.

Makeup is attractive when you don’t need it and you just want to try but trust me you don’t need much of it so just use minimal because your raw is SO MUCH MORE than the layers they call beautiful

You might want to learn a bit more nepali though because where you grow up English is so common sometimes when you need to say things you don’t want them to hear out loud…Nepali shall save you  😉

Don’t let the ‘You are Fat’ get to your head,YOU ARE NOT! I mean come on everyone wants a bit of cheeks to pull and bit of softness when they hug I LOVE IT! and so does your baba and mamu.

You take care of your little brother like you were born a nurse,you cuteness never fail to surprise me with how you can take responsibility so well.

Live in the now okay baby? growing up is fun…I’m not sure about being a grown up though..but as an honest adult I shall tell you that things are more fascinating when you are younger so just ENJOY!

Try to be honest with yourself and all that are around you and all that you do,because that will take you a LOOONNGG way

Thankyou for being my BESTFREIND,for that sleepover in which you considered my room the best room ever in the world,for the handwritten notes,for crying and saying bye and saying ,’ I DONT WANT TO MISS YOU I WANT YOU TO BE HERE COME TO AMERICA WITH ME I WILL PUT YOU IN MY SUITCASE’

I cried so bad ugh but babbbyyy we shall meet again ❤ (rae mamu pinkyswear)

Never stop eating cupcakes,never stop loving things you love because they might think its uncool,never stop dancing,never stop reading,never stop achieving but again never say never ( ugh you like justin beiber but its okay you are 8)

Okay babu I need to go to school now

I shall write to you again

just know that I love you

and shall love you till the end of the world


untill we meet again you bag of all that is nice