World..I never actually get tired of thinking about it,sometimes I conclude it is an unfair place and sometimes I feel it is ‘JUST’ enough to live.

It works in this bizarre way I can’t comprehend what it really is.

It asks for bodies to me inspirations and role models,bodies sometimes without expressions that are considered a piece of art,like maybe to inspire you had to wear a cape or be out of the blue.Like maybe being ordinary was already outcasting you from the inspirers list.

The pressure of  ‘Being Different’ is so much that almost all that I know are following the Same Different person to be different in the same way.

The truth is,you just need to be yourself.

Maybe you are a corner who makes people lean on you and celebrates their existence by making them feel less alone.

Maybe you are the perfect homemade meal on the table.

Maybe you are their soft cushion when they watch TV,or the one who delivers messages.

Maybe you are the wallclock that remains constant and always on time.

Maybe you are a wallflower that goes unnoticed but being ugly and being unnoticed are not the same things

It is perfectly fine to be normal,nothing to be shameful of..nothing to hide about that.

You dont need to be the disco diva if you don’t know how to dance.

I mean Im just saying its okay to not be so different in the same way to be fitting in…just bloom where you are planted,the world will seem better then.

Acceptance always elevates your existence..just saying …being yourself is the best thing you can be and if you have not found yourself..keep looking..because eventually someone is going to help you if they see how you are trying to help yourself

Be yourself even if means you are someone who does not like to eat strawberry flavored things but loves strawberries.Even if it means you buy stationery over shoes,or the other way around…being yourself in the most easy terms is when you feel the things you do are effortless…not to impress anyone…not thinking much about the consequences but enjoying the process..if you know what I mean